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About the Robot School

Be amazed and moved by learning!

There is loads to learn for kids by getting lost in the making of robots.
Teaching children to both think and learn on their own.
Using their own hands and heads to give form to their ideas.
Using original educational materials to make robots, drawing out their unique personalities and pushing their creativity.
They will also gain "scientific knowledge" naturally.

The Robot School program will push their conceptual and problem-solving skills.

  • A type of learning with no right answer and brings out personalities.
    Here students will not just simply follow along with the text, make robots and stop there. This class will deepen their understanding of making robots through trial and error using an approach allowing children to present their own ideas and progress even further. There is no "right" way for children to create their own robots. To put it another way, all ways are the "right" way. This class trains the children's conceptual and problem-solving skills and also brings out their unique personalities through the process of telling them to make an even cooler robot.

A Message from Takahashi Sensei

In the Robot School, you can meet children who make the robots that they want to make a reality as well as those kids who come up with robots that adults would never think of. Every year at the "Human Academy Robot School National Tournament," children selected from throughout Japan as well as overseas gather together and bring along with them the robots they've worked hard to build. I've been incredibly impressed by the ideas and the level of completion of robots such as those who balance themselves while walking on their own two legs and robots which actually transform. I feel a great sense of joy as a robot creator that we are able to discover the wonderful talent of these children and help them grow through the Robot School. Together with those children who will be responsible for the next generation, it is my dream to make a future living with robots a reality starting now.


Project Associate Professor Tomotaka Takahashi Sensei's Profile

Upon graduating from Kyoto University's Undergraduate School of Engineering Science, he established Robo Garage which would be come Kyoto University's first venture. As a robot creator, he invests his time in researching, planning, designing and creating robots. His representative works include creations such as the robotic phone "RoBoHoN" and the robot astronaut "KIROBO," the world's first conversational robot (Co-developed with Toyota Motor and Dentsu).


Basic Course
Middle Course
Advanced Programming Course

Tuition Feest (tax included)

<At enrollment>
Enrollment fee: 10, 800 yen
Teaching materials charge: 30,780 yen

Course fee: 9,720 yen
Textbook charge: 540 yen
Venue fee & premium: 756 yen

Class schedule

Second Saturday & Fourth Saturday
11-12:30 AM


Omodesando School

Aoyamatakano Bldg.8th floor,3-5-4
Kitaaoyama,Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan 107-0061 【Google Map
TEL :03-6447-2533

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